We hope, here in Happisburgh, to become the next site of the permanent installation of 12 bells around the British coastline rung by the sea at high tide. This community arts project, which is the brain child of Marcus Vergette, is to make a permanent installation of the Time and Tide Bell at the high tide mark at a number of diverse sites around the country, from urban centres to open stretches of coastline. The rise of the water at high tide moves the clapper to strike the bell. Played by the movement of the waves, the bell creates a varying, gentle, musical pattern.

Haisboro Sands lays off the coast of the villages of Happisburgh, Bacton and Sea Palling.
The beauty of this stretch of coastline is only matched by its long history of human habitation and, sometimes, embattlement. The oldest human footprints ever found outside of Afric were discovered here on Happisburgh beach. Dating from 900,000 years ago when the North sea was a land mass connecting Britan to main land europe a gentle tide of settlers passed this spot.
Below the waves now there is also the signs of later travellers who came to grief on this treacherous stretch of coast.

Today the area attracts vistors from all over the world. The installation of a Time and Tide Bell would mark an appropriate point for reflection and inspiration.
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